What Are Little Things That Make You Happy?

Let’s face it. The world is full on sh*t show right now.

It feels like we’re living in some altered universe! There are some days when it is all too overwhelming. I get it. But often, it’s the little things that can lift my spirits.

Here is a list of my “little things” which actually end up being the “big things” if you think about the impact: 

1) Personalized anything. I have personalized stationery and personalized return address labels. I don’t know why, but using them makes me happy. They have bright colors and something about them makes me smile

2) Candles. I am obsessed with scents. My favorite of all time is Orange Blossom, but I love all sorts of scents

3) A warm bath with a magazine or book. When is the last time you indulged in a bath and a magazine or book? Add some bath salts, candles (see I really do love them), dim the lighting and voila!

4) Cut flowers in the house (we have a garden and I love nothing more than to cut the flowers from outside and bring them in) or buy them. Trader Joes, if you have one near you, always has reasonably priced flowers and plenty of choices

5) A glass of wine (and by a glass I mean 2 or 3…don’t judge!)

6) A call with a girlfriend. Nothing makes me happier than a good talk with a girlfriend. It’s instant therapy. You let them know what is going on with you and vice versa. Soon enough you’re both laughing and realize that everyone is going through something

7) Getting outside. I tend to sit at my desk with my “to do” list and work most of the day. When I get out and breathe the fresh air, things just melt away

So, what are your little things?